Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)

The Village

Arrival - 20 December, 2006

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Inside of my cottage First sunset
at The Village

Nan Madol and Kepirohi Falls

21 December, 2006

View from The Village
One of the cottages
at The Village
Ginger at The Village Stopped at a coral
island to snorkel
View of Pohnpei
from our snorkel spot
Our boat with kayaks
Waited at Na Pweliko Island
for the tide to come in
Walked around
taking pictures
Printed in B&W
in my photo class
Sun finally came out! Nan Madol ruins Nan Madol dates back
about 800 years
The village consisted
of small man-made
islands and canals
Went on a short kayak trip
through Nan Madol
Driver's view Kids playing
in the stream
Kepirohi Falls
Hibiscus Hibiscus Trail to Kepirohi Falls On our way home
after a long day

Ahnd Atoll

22 December, 2006

The next day a group of us went out to Ahnd Atoll - located about 7 miles southwest of Pohnpei. Seems close but in a small boat it took over an hour to get there. The ride was a little rough but it was well worth it. The atoll is beautiful! No one lives there and so you can pretend you're stranded on your own deserted island, if you just don't look across the bay to Pohnpei. After our morning dive we pulled ashore and took a 90 minute break for lunch. The local hermit crabs and salamanders all came out and surrounded us as soon as we sat down. This wasn't the first time they saw tourists and they knew we had food! After eating I went exploring and taking pictures. I was in search of my postcard-coconut-tree-over-water shot. Got it. Returned just in time to get back in the boat and head out for our second dive. The ride back to Pohnpei was just a little shorter, but we then took a nice slow detour through the mangrove swamps. Really nice!

Pohnpei is in
the background
Another view of Pohnpei
The Village is tucked
back in the hills


23 December, 2006

I took a break from diving and went into town for the day. The morning started off sunny but then it rained off and on for the rest of the day. Not ideal for taking pictures but better than if it rained non-stop. I was on foot for the whole day so I spent some time hiding out under overhangs waiting for rain squalls to pass. I also spent the day searching for film for my camera. Out of 12 shops I looked at only two had film (and one of those had film that expired last year). Another incentive to go digital!

Remains of a WWII
Japanese mini-tank
I liked the archway Nativity scene in
an old abandoned
German church
Hibiscus View of Sokehs Rock
from airport causeway
Local kids
cruising the strip
Spooky old building Bougainvillea
in front of the building
View from inside
Local kids enjoying
the break in the rain
View from
Ocean View Hotel
I stopped here
for an early dinner
Sat out on the porch
and watched the rain

24 December, 2006

One last day of diving. Took some morning shots from the restaurant at The Village and then went diving out at Palikir Pass.

My favorite shot Printed in B&W
in my photo class
Sigh... more rain coming
Watched surfers while
waiting for the tide
Better view of our cottages

The Village

25 December, 2006

Time to leave. Packed my things and then took the last few pictures of The Village before heading to the airport. I was on my way to Kosrae next.

Husk from a
banana plant
One of the local cats
at The Village
What a life! Fresh bananas
hung out daily
to snack on

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