Petra, Jordan

26 February 2000

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Village on the road to Petra First view of Petra
after hiking through
side canyons
Al Khazneh "The Treasury"
was used in "Indiana Jones
and the Last Crusade"
Part of an old Roman road Restaurant and gift shop
Camel jockeys El Deir
"The Monastery"
The Monastery sits by itself
on top of the plateau

Aqaba, Jordan

Aqaba, Jordan Beach club near a dive site Sunset in the Gulf of Aqaba

Wadi Rum, Jordan

27 February 2000

Wadi Rum is just an hour's drive north from the seaside city of Aqaba, Jordan. T. E. Lawrence (a.k.a. "Lawrence of Arabia") spent some time here during World War I hiding out from the Turks. I drove out with some friends for a day trip. We didn't go beyond the main village since we got there too late to go on one of the desert excursions.

On the way to Wadi Rum The village of Wadi Rum Me, squinting

Wadi Rum, Jordan

23 March 2000

I returned to Wadi Rum a month later and spent the day on a desert sight seeing trip. It was just me and my guide, a young Beduin teenager who didn't speak English. Made for a quiet day. Got to ride a camel for a while in the morning and then, thankfully, we switched to an old Toyota jeep. Kept running into other tour groups, mostly Europeans. Lunch was with his family at their small camp of two large tents. Ate some kind of goat yogurt and bread from a large communal pan with the rest of the family. We all sat around the pan and took turns eating with our fingers. At the end of the day I climbed a cliffside and sat in a nook awaiting the sunset. It got pretty cold after the winds picked up. Got some nice pictures of the mountains while waiting, but the sunset wasn't as scenic as I hoped.

Me and my camel "Camel cam"
I like this shot, despite
getting my finger
in the picture
Reminds me of old
Roadrunner cartoons
Starving goats Tourist caravan
Afternoon dust storm

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