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Afternoon sun
Sicily, Italy
October 1995
Me, Melissa Cherwin, and
Brian Gilligan - Sicily, Italy
October 1995
Greek ruins at Agrigento
Sicily, Italy
October 1995

In June 1996, I flew to Munich, Germany and picked up my new R1100RS BMW. I then rode it over the next ten days from Munich to Salzburg and Vienna, Austria down to Ancona, Italy. From there I took a ferry to Patras, Greece and then another from Athens down to Crete. These are some of the pictures from the trip.

View from hotel room
Ehenbichl, Austria
Neuschwanstein castle
from Marienbrucke Bridge
Hohenschwangau, Germany
Schwansee "Swan Lake"
with swan, near
Neuschwanstein Castle
View of countryside
near Neuschwanstein
Fountain with Hohensalzburg
castle in background
Salzburg, Austria
Hofburg Imperial Palace
Vienna, Austria
One of the many statues at
Hofburg Imperial Palace
Vienna, Austria
View of BMW along
Hallstatt Lake
Hallstatt, Austria
Dusk along town shoreline
Hallstatt, Austria
Morning view
Hallstatt, Austria
View from salt mine above town
Hallstatt, Austria
Trying to look cool
- self portrait -
Hallstatt, Austria
Somewhere in Austria

In May 2000, I visited a friend in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain for a few days.

El Puerto de Santa Maria
Andalusia, Spain
Dead Coke can Typical side street in Puerto Iglesia Mayor Prioral
El Puerto de Santa Maria
Bullring in Puerto
Random square in
Cadiz, Spain
Low tide at harbor
in Cadiz
Old ruined farm house
in Andalusia countryside
Medina Sidonia Medina Sidonia

On 4 May 2000, I went on a one day tour of Gibraltar. It's hard to get an appreciation just from pictures for how large the Rock is and how it dominates the peninsula.

Looking west from
the Rock - runway separates
Gibraltar from Spain
Looking east -
Spain is to the north
Rock of Gibraltar
looking north
Rock of Gibraltar
looking south -
Africa in the distance
Looking across
the strait to Morocco
One of the Barbary macaques
that live on the Rock
Monkey chillin' with human Garden path

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